Mental Influence 101

This is a comprehensive guide to Mental Influence which is the practice of influencing yourself, others, and your surroundings using the power of your mind.

In this guide, you will learn about the concept of Mental Influence and its two main types, how it works and the elements that make it effective.

There are two main types of Mental Influence covered in this guide: Self-Influence and Mentally Influencing Others

Self-Influence is Mental Influence that is directed towards yourself, where you replace the false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) stored in your subconscious mind with positive and empowering ones. Once you have already replaced your FLBs, the positive and empowering beliefs are what will manifest in your reality as positive changes in yourself and positive experiences.  

Self-influence has many benefits, including letting go of past traumas, curing your addictions, getting over certain fears and phobias, and improving the quality of your life overall.

Some fast and effective methods to influence yourself, discussed in this guide, include listening to subliminal audio programs, self-hypnosis, and visualization. 

The other type of Mental Influence is towards others. This is when you access your subconscious mind by going into a meditative state, and then consciously focusing and directing your thoughts towards another person. You can use this type of influence to improve the other person’s behavior towards you or to achieve what you want through others.

You can mentally influence others whether the person is present or absent (remote influence). You can also use mental influence on a group of people.

This guide also discusses positive and negative mental influence and the consequences of using them.

Lastly, this guide will teach you how to protect yourself from negative mental influence. 

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Your Are in Charge of Your Destiny

You are the master of your own destiny. You are solely responsible for the state of your life right now and what has happened to you in all these years.

You created your fortune, your successes, your career, your relationships, your failures, your disappointments, and even your bad luck.

You created both the positive and the negative aspects of your life and what is to come.

You shape your destiny, whether you are conscious about it or not. In fact, you are shaping your destiny every day, even right at this moment.

Everything that has and will happen to you depends on YOU. There is nobody to blame. ONLY YOU have control of everything.

If you are not pleased with your life right now or some aspects of it, Mind Power Influence will help you make permanent changes to these aspects.

Your Thoughts Are Powerful

Everything that happens to you comes from your thoughts. These thoughts manifest as real experiences, whether they are conscious or unconscious.

This means whatever you create in your mind will eventually find its way into your reality. What you create in the Mental Plane will eventually materialize in the Physical Plane.

Always remember that everything you can mentally focus on and imagine becomes real, whether it is something you like or not.

There is no such thing as “assigned destiny” to every human being. There is no such thing as luck.

You have TOTAL control of what happens to you and what your life will look like in the future through your mind.

If you change the contents of your mind, you will change the outcome of your life. If you choose not to do anything to change your predominant thoughts and beliefs, the state of your life will remain the same.

How Mental Influence Works

We start the explanation of Mental Influence with the premise that everything is consciousness, and consciousness is the purest form of energy.

Albert Einstein made an incredible discovery that matter is energy, and some matters that appear solid are, in fact, pulsating energies.

Even a solid rock is as much energy as the roaring Niagara Falls. It may not be obvious to an observer but a  rock has energy that waves, pulsates, and breathes, just like everything else around you.

The great scientist, Arthur Eddington, said, “We used to think that matter is a thing; now it is no more so. Matter is more like a thought than like a thing.”

If matter is more like a thought, everything then comes from our thoughts or consciousness, and our consciousness can direct the vibrational frequencies of the energies we observe.

Therefore, everything that you see in your Physical Reality are pulsating energies that vibrate in different frequencies.

The minutest matter in the universe to the biggest and most complex of matter have energy with different rates of vibrations. The difference in their vibrations depends on the various forms of energy created by the observer, which is YOU, through your consciousness.

When consciousness creates different forms of energies, these energies manifest in different vibrational frequencies. These vibrational frequencies further manifest in the different planes of existence: the Mental Plane, the Physical Plane, and the Spiritual Plane.

When you use your  consciousness to observe matter, you eventually add meaning to this matter. This meaning could be positive or negative, such as beautiful and ugly or good and bad.

The meaning you add to what you observe generates positive or negative energy that vibrates in positive or negative frequencies. These vibrational frequencies that come from your thoughts flow to your heart and then into your surroundings.

The energy that flows from your mind and heart and into your surroundings are called thought waves.

The distance these thought waves travel depends on how concentrated and intense the thoughts of the Observer.

This person’s thought waves have the capacity to influence people and things within that person’s “field of force”.

How to Form Thought Waves

Every person sends out thought waves all the time, and their thought waves vary in their quality depending on the consciousness of the person.

Here are some examples:

Thought waves can come from people who are UNCONSCIOUS of their thoughts. 

These people often think mindlessly or let their minds chatter endlessly. They have so many ideas that they don’t know what to do with them and even have different conversations with their “monkey mind” that always remains unsettled.

They often send out their thought waves WITHOUT purpose and force, and that’s the reason they are unable to manifest their desires or be successful in their endeavors.

Thought waves can come from those who are CONSCIOUS of their thoughts. They can direct their minds to concentrate on specific thoughts and INTEND to direct it to a specific person, thing, or event. 

They send out thought waves in a STRAIGHT LINE and DIRECTLY influence the person, thing, or event that they targeted. The force of these thought waves depends on the WILL of the person sending the thought waves.

Thought waves can come from those who are CONSCIOUS of their thoughts, can direct their minds to focus, but DO NOT INTEND to send their thought waves on a specific person, think, or event. The degree of force and power solely depends on the person. 

These people end up influencing ANYONE or ANYTHING within their “field of force”. They will attract people, things, and circumstances that vibrate in the same frequencies as their thought waves.

As you notice, there is a big difference between thought waves sent with purpose and full knowledge of Mental Influence versus thought-waves sent without purpose and without knowledge of Mental Influence.

Lasting Effects of Thought Waves

The vibrational frequencies of these thought waves last A LONG TIME, even after the sender sends them. It is like how the cool temperature from an air conditioner lingers after you turn it off, and how bread stays warm even after you take it out from the oven.

The effects of Mental Influence stays for a while, even after you have sent your thought waves to your recipient. Depending on the force, sometimes these thought waves last a lifetime or even after the person who sent it has passed on.

There are so many places in the world today filled with thought-waves from people who have already passed on many years ago.

Some places with negative thought waves or vibrations are the genocide sites such as The Killing Fields museum in Cambodia and The Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

There are also places with positive thought waves or vibrations like Mt Shasta in California, Mt Sinai in Egypt, and Mt of Olives in Israel.

Homes also have their own “vibes”. Some homes look and feel vibrant and peaceful while others look and feel creepy.

These “vibes” depend on the mental attitudes of the current and the past owners, even though some of them may have already passed on many years ago. If the previous homeowner had negative thought waves, the new owner can replace them by always thinking positive.

Companies, businesses, and stores have their vibes, too. Some seem confident and trustworthy while others feel shady and scammy. These vibes depend on the mental attitudes of the management and the bosses. They pass their thought waves to their employees who also transfer these thought waves to other people. Most of the time, they can only change the atmosphere of their businesses if they change the management.

Thought waves are contagious, whether they are low or high in degree. They can easily lift up and elevate or drag down those around them.

How Thought Waves Attract or Repel Others

Thought waves can either attract or repel others. Higher degree of thought waves attract those in the lower degree, while lower degree of thought waves repel those in the higher degree.

So, the higher the degree of thought waves, the more it can influence those in the lower degree.

Thought waves also attract those in the same level. If your thought waves are positive, you attract people who also emit positive thought waves. If your thought waves are negative, you attract people who have negative thought waves.

These are important concepts to understand and this is why you need to watch your thoughts and feelings at all times.

Thought waves that don’t have the strength travel very slowly and do not reach their destination or intended recipient. Most of the time, they dissipate halfway through or before they reach their destination.

On the other hand, thought waves sent with strength and willpower often travel at the speed of light and reach far distances. They also linger for a long time and retain their power and vitality over time.

The thought waves of a person go with him/her wherever they go, that’s why you can easily sense a person’s “vibe” when you are around them.

You may have noticed that some people have “negative vibes” or “negative aura” even before you talk to them. Some have a “positive and cheerful” vibe while others have a “calm and peaceful” demeanor. If a person is oozing with sex appeal, this means they send out sexual thought waves.

There are those who have strong charisma that they command attention whenever they enter a room. Others have a compelling magnetism about them that fascinate others and make others yield to their desires and wishes.

All these have to do with the quality of their thought waves that come from their predominant thoughts.

The Elements of Mental Influence

The two main elements of effective Mental Influence are mental focus and visualization.

Mental Focus

It is common knowledge that most people do not possess the ability to focus on one thing. They tend to be scatterbrained and think of so many things at the same time. As a result, whenever they send out weak thought waves, those dissipate in all directions.

The consequence of lack of focus is they achieve very little or, worse, none at all.

In order for your Mental Influence to be powerful, fast, and accurate you need to try your best to focus your attention on your goal. If your goal is to influence a specific person, fix your mind on the idea of influencing that specific person.

Focus your thought waves on your intended subject for a certain period. Do not allow your mind to leave your subject or be directed to other thoughts like your upcoming meeting, where to eat for dinner, or the errands you have to finish.

You also need to detach yourself from your special person t and not be too emotional about them. If you are attached, there is a tendency for you to feel negative and this will send out thought waves that will negatively affect your intended subject.

When your mind is focused, your thought waves will build up their energy and strength before you can direct it to your recipient.

Mental Influence is less effective if you let your thought waves scatter due to too many thoughts going in your mind at the same time.

Unfocused thoughts result in thought waves that won’t reach your intended subject, or if they  reach your subject, they will be less powerful.

Unfocused thought waves will also affect random people within your “field of force”, including those you didn’t intend to influence.

It is important to practice focusing your thoughts to achieve your desired results. The most well-trained mentalists spent so much time training to focus their minds before they can manifest their intended results in real time.

To be good at mental concentration, you need to practice to focus on one thing at a time, do silent meditations, and practice mindfulness. This will not be easy at first, as the mind is naturally restless, but you will get better with time.

If you want to expedite your ability to concentrate, we recommend the use of  guided visualizations and telepathy. The directions and visualization prompts in these guided sessions will help you focus on the mental images of your desired outcome.

The only way to be good at mental influence is through practice, whether on your own or with the use of audio guides. So, don’t be impatient if you don’t see any results during the first few tries. Keep going until it becomes effortless for you to focus your mind on your desired mental images.

Practice daily and practice directing your thoughts. Practice makes perfect. Exercise develops power.


The second element of Mental Influence is visualization. Visualization is creating mental pictures of your desire or what you want to happen in your reality through your imagination.

A mental picture of what you want gives you the framework of what to work on. If you don’t know what you want, or you are not specific enough about what you want to achieve, you will not be able to send thought waves in a straight line and you will not achieve accurate results.

So, before you perform your Mental Influence, create a mental picture of what you want to happen in your mind. See your desired scenario in your mind’s eye.

You may need to write it down in detail and script out the scenario so you can form more accurate mental pictures related to your desire.

The reason you need to create mental pictures of your desire is we primarily create our reality through our imagination. What we imagine in our minds, when given substance thought focus and feelings (vibrations), will LITERALLY translate into our reality.

So, if you imagine being offered a $10,000 a month paycheck, you will eventually be offered $10,000 — exactly and literally as you had imagined!

Visualization also gives your thought waves form, vibrations, direction, and power. So, instead of being mindless with what you want, do your best to be detailed and accurate with it. The secret is in the details.

Self Mental Influence

One of the main uses of mental influence is to use it to change your life through Self-Influence.

Self-Influence is using your mind power to focus on the change you want to happen within you. By directing your mental influence towards yourself, you can easily reprogram your subconscious mind to let go of your past traumas, heal from difficult childhood experiences, get over your fears and phobia, change your mindset about certain things, and turn your life around.

To manifest change in your life, you need to change your stored beliefs first, and you can do this by using your mind power to influence yourself.

Instead of letting your mind enslave you, you need to take control over it and command it. It can create your desires and wishes and then manifest them in your reality.

When you master the art of Self-Influence, nothing will be impossible to you. You will completely clear all obstacles along your path to greatness.

You will be able to create anything that you set your mind to and even achieve the unthinkable. The only limitation is your imagination.

There are many ways to influence yourself. Here are some of them:


This method is when you visualize appropriate images or situations as if they are happening to you RIGHT NOW. If it’s something that you want, like a dream job, visualize as if you are already hired for that job or you’ve already received your first salary. Visualize this desire in its completed state.

Visualization is the foundation of any forms of mental influence. Whatever you create in your mind (mental plane) shows up in your reality (physical plane)  whether we like it or not. So, whenever you visualize something, the mental pictures that you “see” in your mind translates into your physical experiences.


Self-hypnosis is a form, a process, or the result of a self-induced hypnotic or meditative state so your subconscious mind will be more open to self-suggestions. In self-hypnosis, you are both the suggester and the suggestee.

Self-hypnosis can change your thinking, kick bad habits, and take control of the person you are—along with relaxation and de-stressing from everyday life. It’s similar to meditation and results in a better you.

Once you are in a meditative state, you can repeat the positive statements as many times as you wish. Through repetition, your subconscious mind will be able to absorb these suggestions and store them as your permanent beliefs. Your subconscious mind will then execute these beliefs into your reality.

To make self-hypnosis more effective and effortless, we recommend that you use self- self-hypnosis audio programs.

Self-hypnosis audio programs are a more convenient way of using this self-influence technique because you can store the audio file in your mobile phone or computer and listen to it anytime, anywhere.

You can also listen to it as many times as possible until the suggestions in the self-hypnosis recording have already been absorbed by your subconscious mind.

Subliminal Audio Programs

Of all the mental self-influence techniques, the most effortless way to mentally influence yourself is by listening to subliminal audio programs.

Subliminal audio programs are audio recordings of positive and empowering suggestions, messages, and affirmations that you can listen to so that the suggestions contained in the recording will replace the FLBs stored in your subconscious mind.

While a typical recording of a song will have the instrumental back-up recorded on one frequency and the singer’s voice on another, the same principle applies to subliminals, but with one major difference.

With subliminals, you either have soothing sounds, like a trickling stream or lapping ocean waves, or music, which is recorded on a low, audible frequency.

On the other hand, the suggestions and affirmations are recorded on a higher, non-audible frequency that you will not be able to hear them.

The purpose of this is so that the suggestions will bypass your conscious mind and get stored directly into your subconscious mind and become your permanent beliefs.

Mentally Influencing Others

Ever wondered why some people have qualities you can’t describe that make them very special? That person walks into a room and immediately catches your attention. You are drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

You know there’s something about them but you cannot describe or explain it. Some people call this unknown but desirable quality, “X Factor”.

This X Factor makes a person stand out from the crowd. They have a compelling magnetism about them that commands attention and draws people to focus on them. When they arrive at an event, all eyes are fixed at them and you often see people flock around them. Oftentimes, they are the life of a party.

There are also people who ooze with sex appeal and give out an air of sexuality.  That’s because these people often think of sex and send out thought waves that are sexual in nature.

Some people are intense, and that’s because they believe in themselves and their skills with certainty and conviction. They also have personal magnetism and charisma.

Usually, these people are positive thinkers, think highly of themselves, and they believe that anyone they come across with will like them easily. They can influence anyone to submit to their will, take on any tasks, and do their bidding.

Even animals and plants use their energy and vibrations to attract their prey before they go for the kill.

This ability to manifest these kinds of charisma is called fascination. 

The ability to “fascinate” another person is inherent in you. In fact, you may have already used fascination unconsciously on some occasions without fully understanding the principle behind it.

Flirting with someone you just met is considered fascination. You send out thought waves and vibrations that affect the person positively and, sometimes, sexually.

Talking to someone with undivided attention, whether in a formal or casual setting, is also fascination. You send out powerful thought waves to the person that make them feel important and valued at that particular moment you are talking to them. You get their total attention in return.

Others may have studied fascination from seminars, workshops, coaching sessions, or even through YouTube under different labels, like “personal development” or “how to be motivated” or “develop self-confidence”.

Faith in yourself and your abilities are essential components of fascination.

How to Perform Mental Influence When the Person is Present

You can perform fascination on someone around you when you focus your thoughts on that person, imagine what you want to happen or whether you want to send that person a specific message, and send your thought waves to them with concentration,force, and willpower.

Example, if you want the person to like you, focus on the image of that person first in your mind, imagine that person liking you, and mentally say to yourself, “That person likes me.”

You can also imagine telling that person, “You like me…you like me very much,” with confidence, certainty, and conviction that this person really likes you.

Some salespeople use this technique before they meet their prospective clients. Before the meeting, they relax their mind and body, shake off their nervousness, and focus on their goal.

If their goal is to sell their products to their prospective clients, they concentrate their mind, form their thought waves, imagine their client, and mentally say to them, “You like my offer… you are buying my offer because you want and need it so much…” Then, they imagine their client buying their offer with 100% certainty.

You can make the effects stronger by sending your thought waves forcefully and with conviction. You may also use positive words and praises to make the person feel good about themselves, touch the person’s shoulders, or shake their hand to strengthen your influence over that person.

Remote Mental Influence 

The principle of remote influence is the same as influencing someone who is near you, except it mainly relies on your imagination and sending out thought waves to your subject.

In remote influence, you will not have the advantage to use words, eye contact, physical touch, and other hypnotic methods but there’s nothing to worry about. Forming mental images and projecting it to your subject will have the same results as if you were influencing someone who is present.

The elements of remote influence are the same as influencing when the person is present: mental concentration and visualization. And, of course, a lot of practice and exercises to be better at it.

It is important to ignore the absence of the person when performing remote influence. The moment you think the person is thousands of miles away from you, you will be clouded by doubt about the effectiveness of your Mental Influence

The fact is, in the mental realm, space and time do not matter. They are irrelevant. It doesn’t matter that your special person is thousands of miles away from you or lives in another continent — your Mental Influence will still reach them as if they were present.

It is important to reach the state of calm or what others call the meditative state before you start your remote influence. This is to shake off whatever negative vibrations you may have prior to the session and bring your overall state of consciousness to neutral.

A prolonged state of calm is conducive to communicating with your subconscious mind, which is very important in remote influence since the influence happens subconsciously. Another reason is neutrality is the best state to build positive thoughts from. If you start out the session by feeling negative, it would be hard to transition to feeling positive.

You can improve the effectiveness of your remote influence by using tools, such as a photo of your special person. Some people who perform remote influence, like spell casters, mold a clay or use a doll and call it by their subject’s name. They pretend the clay form or the doll is their subject and focus their attention on the doll while sending it their thought waves. Some spell casters get a lock of their subject’s hair or a piece of clothing. Some may recite a mantra or a prayer to strengthen the remote influence.

These objects have no inherent powers per se, but the use of them help the influencer visualize better and strengthen their mental images and scenarios that they want to happen. They also use these tools to develop a faster psychic connection with their subjects.

While these mental influence “rituals” can be used to generate positive influence, practitioners of black magic, witchcraft often use them for negative and destructive mental influence. We will discuss this in detail under “Negative Mental Influence”.

Mental Influence En Masse

Mental Influence can also be done “en masse” or “in a crowd”, meaning you direct your thought waves into the minds of a group of people instead of a large population.

This is already done by many people, whether consciously and unconsciously. In fact, you may have done it already, especially when you are in a crowd or when you have attended a gathering and found yourself the center of attention.

Politicians, business leaders, religious leaders, military leaders, etc., have used Mental Influence consciously and unconsciously to make the crowd believe and support them. Some of these leaders have so much mental influence over the minds of their men that the latter carry out their leader’s desires and wishes without questions.

Successful businessmen have unconsciously used mental influence to draw people to support and patronize their business. They are successful because they firmly believe in their idea or product and how people badly want and need their product. They think big and don’t doubt themselves. They have a strong and burning desire to succeed.

These people who can mentally influence people en masse send out thought waves of thought vibrations that draw and attract people they come in contact with to them.

Mental Influence en masse also happens when a group of people want “certain things”, like the latest gadgets, luxury cars, a dream vacation, and designer goods. The ads they see on TV, billboards, social media, and radio are a form of mental influence en masse. Others call it subconscious mind conditioning.

Once these brands have mentally influenced the people en masse, these people focus their eyes on these things and work hard to achieve them. They imagine what it would be like to own these and daydream about possessing them.

Eventually, through their mental focus and visualization, they end attracting these things into their lives.

Fear is also a form of mental influence en masse. We have been programmed to fear certain things like losing our jobs or our partners leaving us. Just like desire, we tend to focus on the things we are afraid of and even sometimes imagine them happening. We might not know it, but fear is a form of expectation: we unconsciously expect these fears to happen, so they eventually happen.

Positive Mental Influence

The best uses of Mental Influence are those that help others, whether it is helping them to heal from an illness, pass their interviews, ace their exams, get their dream job, achieve financial success, fix their relationships, and making them feel more positive about their life and situation.

The more you use positive Mental Influence, the more good things you will attract into yourself and your life. That’s because your positive thought vibrations attract things, people, and events of the same positive vibrational frequencies.

Everything and everyone within your “field of force” will benefit from your positive thought waves. You can easily lift up other people’s negative mood, help them heal from their illnesses, bring them more abundance into their lives, inspire them to do better, fix their relationships, and generally bring them into a better mental, physical, and emotional state.

If you are worried about other people’s use of negative mental influence, bear in mind that positive always trumps negative. Good ALWAYS overcomes evil in the Mental Plane of manifestation.

So, to combat negative mental influence, you must fill your mind with positive thoughts of love, joy, and peace. Direct these thought waves into yourself, your family, and to everyone and everything around you.

Since positive thoughts belong to the higher scale of consciousness and therefore have positive vibrations, they have power over those vibrations below them.

Positive thoughts always repel negative ones and push them back to their sender, oftentimes in full force.

Negative Mental Influence

Mental influence can also be used for negative reasons and motivations, such as to seek revenge, inflict pain on someone, make another person suffer, and bring “bad luck” into their lives.

This type of mental influence is common in those who practice “black magic”, Voodoo, witchcraft, black shamanism, etc. Negative mental influence is the main element of the rituals in these types of mental influence practitioners.

We will not delve into the details of negative mental influence or how it works, but we would like to take this opportunity to remind you NOT TO USE negative mental influence in any way.

The reason for this is the negative thought waves and thought vibrations that you will produce from negative mental influence can affect those within your “field of force” and these include yourself, your family, your business and career, your fortune, and your health.

In addition to that, negative thought vibrations attract things, people, and circumstances that have the same vibrations, and these are negative experiences, misfortune, illnesses, broken relationships, and sometimes, even death.

This is how karma works. You get back what you bring out. Oftentimes it comes back to you ten-folds because it affects not only you but also everyone and everything in your “field of force”. This is particularly dangerous for those who are not trained to perform “precise” mental influence.

In case you or someone you know may be tempted to use mental influence for selfish or evil purposes, discourage them from doing so because the negative consequences will be severe. Always think about the Law of Karma when thinking of doing this.

How to Protect Yourself

If you have the slightest hunch that someone is doing negative mental influence on you, you can repel this if you rise above their influence. This means you need to be ABOVE negative mental influence.

In other words, you need to fill your mind with positive thoughts of love, joy, and peace. You need to fill your “field of force” with these powerful and positive thought waves and vibrations so that you will repeal the negative and only attract those with similar positive vibrations

You also need to be more conscious of your use of “I am” because that defines who you are and affects your overall thoughts about yourself.

How to feel about yourself comes from your predominant thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Your “I am” statements have their own vibrations that you will carry with you wherever you go.

If you have positive “I am” statements, they will naturally reflect IN YOU and OUTSIDE OF YOU. You will have a better state of health and well-being. Positive “I am” statements also naturally vibrate into your outer world in the form of financial success, successful career or business, and better relationships with others.

Lastly, you need to recognize that WITHIN YOU lies the infinite and the highest form of energy that is love. You came from love and you embody love. Your true Divine nature is love.

If ever you doubt yourself and are unsure of what to do, reach into the deepest parts of you, without letting your ego get in the way, and return to your true Divine nature. Send unconditional love to yourself, the people around you, and to anything and everything that your thought waves can reach.

Love is the answer to everything. Returning to it can fix whatever obstacles you face in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mental influence is based on the universal law of Mentalism, which states that everything is mind and the universe we live in is a mental universe. Based on this premise, we can effectively and effortlessly navigate through this universe using our mind. 

What we think, we create. We create our reality through our thoughts. What we focus on mentally will eventually manifest physically. 

In fact, we create our reality 24/7, but most of these creations come from the unconscious use of our thoughts. 

Mental Influence is the conscious use of our thoughts using mental focus and visualization to create our desired reality or to deliberately affect someone remotely.

So, yes, mental influence is effective. It is the conscious application of the universal law of Mentalism. 

You can apply mental influence in all aspects of your life.

You can use it to effectively influence yourself by changing your false and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you in life.

You can use it to improve or heal your relationships, generate loyalty and encourage camaraderie in business and workplace, influence others to like you and believe in you; send others healing thoughts and energy, and even forgive those who wronged you.

You can leverage mental influence to influence a crowd, which is useful in business, fighting for a cause, pushing for your advocacy, and politics. 

You can also use mental influence to get your desired material things, achieve your goals and desires, experience your ideal outcome, change a situation, influence a future event, and even revise your past. 

There are so many applications of mental influence. Any thing, event, person, circumstances that you can think of, you can influence using your focused mind power. 

Subliminal messages are suggestions and affirmations that are below the threshold of the conscious mind which means below the threshold of conscious perception.

A subliminal audio program is a recording that contains relaxing music or nature sounds and subliminal messages. These subliminal messages are suggestions and affirmations that will replace your fears, phobia, traumas, and negative stored beliefs in your subconscious.

Subliminals are some of the most effective ways to influence yourself and reprogram your subconscious mind.

Your stored beliefs in your subconscious mind are what get executed in your reality for you to experience. If you subconsciously believe that you cannot influence yourself, another person, thing, or event, you will not be able to make changes to yourself and your circumstances. 

The false and limiting beliefs in your subconscious are what prevent you from becoming your best self and living your best life. If these beliefs are no longer serving you, you can replace them with positive and empowering ones by listening to subliminal audio programs and by applying other techniques. 

Mind Power Influence and its affiliate, Must Spark Joy, has the best subliminal formula in the market. Our formula has gone through different iterations in the last three years until we arrived at the optimum blend of suggestions, affirmations, brainwaves, frequencies, and meditative overlay music and sounds that entrain the mind. 

When done properly, subliminals are very effective.

The suggestions in subliminals are recorded with negative decibels which are INAUDIBLE to your conscious mind. 

If the suggestions/affirmations are audible and your conscious mind can perceive them, your conscious mind can filter or even block these suggestions/affirmations altogether. 

The positive suggestions/affirmations will not even reach your subconscious mind.

You need to deliver these suggestions/affirmations to your subconscious mind in a subliminal way so your conscious mind will not be able to resist and block them. This is where listening to subliminal audio programs come in.

With repeated listening, your subconscious mind begins to accept the new suggestions/affirmations and store them as your permanent beliefs. These new beliefs will help you change your life for the better and will manifest in your life as success and positive experiences.

Guided telepathies are audio programs that contain visualization and telepathic communication prompts or cues that the lister can follow and imagine. 

We developed these audio programs to help you create mental images and scenarios and also help your mind to focus when creating your desired outcome.

Guided telepathies are helpful for those who cannot visualize clearly, can’t think of mental images to focus on, and want faster results. 

Yes, they are very effective because they contain the main elements of mental influence, which are concentrated thoughts or mental focus, and visualization. 

Our guided telepathies are written and produced in a way that you can get the fastest effects of mental influence and the best results for your desired outcome.