The Ultimate Remote Seduction Guide

Hi, I’m Marie. I wrote this remote seduction guide based on the principles of consciousness, mind power, and the universal laws that govern our existence. I will also share with you my experience with remote seduction.

This remote seduction guide will help increase your ability to remotely seduce your special person, whether that person is your ex, your crush, your colleague, someone you know, or even a stranger.

You will understand that everything is within your control because everything has to do with your consciousness. You can change your reality by changing the way you think of yourself and becoming aware of your thoughts.

Nothing is what it seems. While there are so many things around you that you are aware of, there are so many that you are not aware of. You focus too much on your physical reality and what is going on around you that you think it is your only reality.

Once you apply the techniques in this guide, you will realize that what you don’t see is more powerful than what you see. That’s because what you don’t see are the causes of what you see. All thoughts and feelings become words and actions. All thoughts and feelings manifest as real experiences. You will understand this concept better as you read further.

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Your Thoughts Create Things

Remote Seduction is a form of mental influence where you use the power of your mind to seduce another person from a distance. 

Remote seduction heavily relies on visualization or the use of your imagination to create your reality or to influence another person; but unlike your regular visualization, remote seduction is imagining scenes that are sexual in nature. 

This mind power technique is 100% effective WHEN you follow the essential steps and techniques, do the sessions every day, and have the patience to wait for your mental images and imaginal acts to manifest in your physical reality. 

Since all is mind and the universe we live in is mental, we create our reality through our thoughts. You created who you are now, the kind of life you live, your fortune and failures, and how others interact with you. In fact, as you read this, you are creating your reality. 

Everything exists and happens from your mind and the collective consciousness of people around you.

All the remarkable and man-made things you see around you come from the mind. These things came from a thought first and were given substance using your feelings. 

These thoughts and imaginations translate into your physical reality that you can experience with your five senses.

Take, for example, the iPhone. This concept came from Steve Jobs’ vision and imagination. He translated it into reality with the help of his team of designers and engineers at Apple. The finished concept then went into production. Lastly, the physical manifestations of Job’s vision are now sold to the masses worldwide.

Even the way you wear your clothes, prepare your meals, clean your house, and plan your trip come from your mind. Everything that you do, create, produce, build, or start comes from your mind. Nothing gets created without your mind. 

The Power of Belief

One of the essential ingredients of remote seduction is your belief that your thoughts create your reality and that you have this innate and limitless ability to translate your thoughts into physical objects or experiences. 

You must believe 100% in the power of your mind, and you must be confident that you can influence another person using your creative imagination and mental focus. 

Your doubt and fears can derail the effects of remote seduction. When you question your own mind power and your ability to remotely seduce another person from a distance, you tend to focus on the opposite of what you what. As a result, you get what you don’t want. 

For your desired effects to happen faster and more accurately, you need to believe the following:

  • You are a powerful creator through your mind
  • There is an infinite universe in your mind
  • All the infinite possibilities in the universe are in your mind
  • What you imagine right now will soon manifest in your reality
  • You have the limitless ability to create whatever you want to create using your thoughts and feelings
  • With awareness and mental focus, you can easily influence your environment and the people around you
  • Your thoughts can change anything
  • NOTHING is impossible with your mind!

Belief is something that you need to decide to have on your own. When you believe, you summon your willpower to activate your subconscious mind. It is the immense, powerful, and limitless nature of your subconscious mind that makes your imagination manifest as actual physical experiences. 

You can cultivate your belief by applying the principles you learned and by appreciating (and recording) your results. The more positive results you get, the more you will believe in the power of your mind to influence your surroundings. 

So, make a conscious decision to apply what you learned. You will get better and more confident with practice. 

How to Use Your Mind For Remote Seduction

While mind power influence has many applications, one of the most controversial uses is remote seduction or the ability to seduce another person from a distance.

Remote seduction is like seducing another person face-to-face, but instead of using words or actions to accomplish your goal, you use the power of your mind.

As your thoughts create, whatever you imagine in your mind will eventually manifest in your reality. This principle is ABSOLUTE or cannot be changed, which means whether you like it or not, your imagination will ultimately appear in your reality for you to experience. The universal Law of Mentalism supports this. 

So, if you want to meet someone, imagine meeting that person. Use your mind to create that reality. 

Imagine how and where you will meet them, the ambiance of the place,  your reaction when you see each other, and what your conversation would be like. Imagine the details of your interaction and imagine how that person will interact with you. 

As you imagine daily, your subconscious mind will think that your mental scenarios are your absolute truths. Your subconscious mind will then store these absolute truths as your permanent beliefs. 

Since you manifest what you believe in, your subconscious will execute this belief in your reality for you to experience. 

If you take your imagination to the next level and create specific feelings that you want that person to feel for you, that person will eventually develop those feelings for you. 

Unlike seducing someone in real life using words and actions, you don’t need to have any prior communication with your special person before you can remotely seduce them. 

This technique still works even though that person does not know who you are or even though they live thousands of miles away. 

Don’t worry about the distance because that is irrelevant to the mind. 

Our consciousness can transcend boundaries. Even with the enormous distance between you and your special person, you will still affect them  like how you’ll affect them face-to-face.

If you haven’t met your special person yet, your subconscious mind will find a way for you to be together. Your subconscious will open the door to so many possibilities for you to meet.

Perhaps a friend may introduce you to each other, or you will receive a random “friend request” from your special person on social media, or you’ll find yourself on the same flight, or that they suddenly applied for a job in the same company. 

Some people call these “amazing coincidences,” but actually, this is your subconscious mind doing all the work for you to bring you your desire. 

The Foundation of Remote Seduction

The foundation of remote seduction is visualization. Since you create everything through your mind, whatever mental image you form in your mind’s eye, through visualization or imagination, will manifest in your reality.

So, whether you like it or not, what you consistently think of and imagine will eventually manifest in your reality as real experiences. 

In visualizing your desire, it is essential that you imagine, feel, and act as if your desire is your reality, and as if it is happening to you in real life right now

When your mind and feelings are in-sync, it sends a strong signal to your subconscious that your desire MUST BE your absolute truth and store it as such. 

Once your desire is stored as a permanent belief, your subconscious will find ways to execute it in your reality.

To make your mental images and imaginal acts stronger and more potent, you need to play the same mental pictures and imaginal acts again and again

Repetition is the key to fast and accurate manifestation. The more you repeat the same mental image in your mind, the more you impose to your subconscious that your mental image is your truth and your reality

The subconscious does not know the difference between what you experience in real life and what you see in your mind’s eye because it has no capacity for reason and logic. Your subconscious mind mainly considers the mental images that you keep forming in your mind’s eye as well as the feelings that accompany these images. 

Nothing is impossible to your subconscious mind. It can make what seem impossible to take form and then manifest in your physical reality as long as you can imagine it.  

So, no matter how complex, challenging, or impossible the mental picture that you play in your mind, your subconscious mind WILL FIND A WAY to execute this mental picture in your reality. 

The Mental Touch

The mental touch or your ability to touch your special person using your mind or imagination, is a very important aspect of your remote seduction. It would help if you honed your ability to touch your special person more than you can see or imagine them.

When you perform mental touch on your special person, you immediately create a powerful connection to that person and they will actually feel the sensations of being touched.

The effect of mental touch is tremendous: it can drive your special person crazy, will confuse them about the new sensations they feel out of nowhere, and arouse them sexually. More importantly, they will associate the invisible touch they feel to you. They will be drawn to you and won’t be able to get you off their mind.

It is not enough that you can imagine your special person naked in front of you. You should be able to do something to them like what you’d do to them in real life. Example is you can caress their hair, touch their face, touch their skin, kiss their lips, lick on their nipples, etc. Imagine what you would do in reality, then do the same in your imagination. Make it as real as possible.

Use the power of your mental touch to caress their body, private parts, and erogenous zones. Imagine the look on their face as you feel every part of their body. Hear the sound of their breathing and moans.  Imagine their desperation and desire for you.

Explore them with your fingers and hands. Imagine how wet or hard they are. Imagine the taste of their pussy or cock. Imagine doing things that will drive them to frenzy. Imagine them wanting you and asking you for more. Hear them say how much they want you.

Let your fingers and hands explore different areas of their body. Feel every part of their body.

You can start slowly and gently so as not to shock their system. If you come off strongly, it will cause panic on their part and they will become defensive. They will fight against the new sexual feelings they feel for you instead of just go with the flow. So, start gently and slowly and increase the intensity at a later time.

It is okay if you can’t imagine the scenario clearly and vividly. What’s important is you know who the person is in your imagination and you can mentally touch them using you mind power.

If you can’t remember your special person’s body parts, or have not seen them prior, you can invent it in your mind. You can check some photos on the internet for reference.

Once you have become good at mental touch, you can then incorporate scenarios in your visualization. You can give your special person oral sex, a hand job, tease their clit with your tongue, and imagine the sexual positions you want.

From time to time, check their facial expressions for reactions, and hear them say how horny and crazy they are for you.

Watch and make their body move and quiver under your touch. Begin to visualize them in the way that you want to see them reacting to your touch. When you bring in facial expressions and reactions, you will create an entire scenario of passion and lust.

You can stop the session once you think you’ve performed enough remote seduction to influence them in real life.

When you do this type of mind power work on someone, the influence on them is instant and physical no matter how far away they are.

You NEED to be good at mental touch to solicit the feeling of arousal on the part of your special person.

You can be good at mental touch through practice and by touching different things such as skin, fur, ice cubes, soft and hard objects, and things that have different temperatures.

Who Can Be The Subject of Remote Seduction

Your subject is the person you want to remotely seduce. In remote seduction, it is important to know who you intend to influence so you will influence that person in FULL FORCE.

Take note that although you only intend to influence a specific person, you WILL also affect others around you without any intention to influence them.

You can influence ANYONE. Your subject can be your friend, co-worker, a stranger you just met, an ex, your current spouse or partner, and basically anyone you want to influence.

Most people use remote seduction on someone they are romantically interested in or on someone they want to have a romantic relationship with, but if you are skeptical and want to “test-drive” this technique to see if it is effective, you can pick a random person.

It is not a requirement that you know your subject personally. It is not required that you talk to them or that you are friends on social media. You can remotely seduce someone even though you haven’t formally met each other or don’t know each other.

If you want to test this technique to see the results for yourself, choose someone whom you can see or bump into frequently. This is so you can see the effects of your remote seduction efforts on the behavior and reaction of that person.

If this is your first time to seduce someone remotely, you may want to take down notes and record the changes that you see every time you see or meet them.

Any effects that you can see in your subject will give you the necessary confidence in your skills. You will also be able to assess the situation and decide how you want the events to unfold between you and your special person.

As you get better and better at remote seduction, there is no need to see your special person frequently. You will have a sense of knowing that your remote seduction efforts can eventually manifest your desire to be with them.

Effects of Remote Seduction on Your Special Person

Remote seduction forces the idea of sex on your special person on a mental level. The purpose of this mental influence technique is to create sexual intimacy between you. 

When you perform remote seduction, your special person CAN’T BLOCK your remote seduction influence towards them, UNLESS they are aware that you are mentally seducing them. In that case, they might keep their guard up and be more defensive.

Otherwise, there is no way to escape the effects of remote seduction. It will eventually affect your special person in ways that will surprise and confuse them at the same time. It’s like shooting them at point-blank range. There won’t have the opportunity to prepare and will fall deeply into your mental spell. 

Although you can influence your special person AT ANY TIME, the best time is when they are ASLEEP. This is when their conscious mind is also asleep so they won’t be able to use logic and reason to filter your mental influence. 

When they as asleep, the thought-forms that you impress upon their subconscious mind will appear in their dreams. They will dream about you and the scenario that you try to impose in their subconscious. They will also dream about your mental message as if that message comes from their own thoughts.

When they wake up, they will remember their dream vividly and start to think about you all the time. They will recall their dream for the most part of the day.  

If you perform remote seduction on your special person while they are awake, they will think about you out of the blue, and the idea of you will randomly pop in their mind. 

You will keep popping in their minds that they will not be able to stop thinking about you. 

They will think about the mental images and scenarios that you conjured up in your visualization, and they will start to develop strong feelings of attraction and sexual desire towards you. 

If your special person does not know you or have not interacted with you before, they will still be attracted to you the moment they see you or talk to you for the first time. There will be an instant attraction towards you, and you will seem very familiar to them. They will feel as if they know you for so long. 

That’s because your special person’s subconscious mind will associate the mental scenarios and the intense feelings that they feel to you and you only.

If your special person does not contact you, don’t be alarmed. The effects of remote seduction vary from person to person.

Some people will respond quickly and will act on their sexual desires immediately, especially when they have successfully attributed the sexual feeling to you. 

Others may develop strong sexual feelings for you but will not take action or resist the urge to contact you. 

Either way, your special person will be very attracted and drawn to you to the point that they think they are falling-in-love with you. 

Although remote seduction forces the idea of sex on another person on a subconscious level, your special person with NEVER feel forced nor influenced against their will.

They will develop strong feelings for you, but they will think that the feelings are their own that naturally came from within them. They will believe that their attraction happened or grew organically and over time. 

As your remote seduction influence gets stronger, your special person will not be able to resist it. They will eventually give in to what they feel and will find a way to reach out to you and communicate with you more and more. 

If you are looking for the physical effects on your target when they are AROUND YOU, you will notice the following:

  • They start to flirt with you through text or social media
  • They flirt with you in person and you will notice this in the words they use and their actions
  • They appear preoccupied or suddenly busy around you
  • They seem nervous around you 
  • They gently bite their lips or focus on your lips when they talk to you
  • They scratch their neck, mouth, or nose
  • You catch them staring / looking at you
  • They play with their hair
  • They get sweaty even though it’s not yet summer 
  • If they don’t know who you are, they will actively look for the source of the sudden surge of sexual feelings in them. They will scan their environment to identify the seducer and they will easily pinpoint you in the sea of people. 

Remote seduction has a lasting effect. Once your special person has developed intense sexual feelings for you, the feelings will last for a very long time. Sometimes, it lasts a lifetime. 

This means your special person will always be sexually attracted to you even if you have not seen each other for MANY years. 

Effects of Remote Seduction on Other People

Although you are doing remote seduction for a specific person, other people may be sexually attracted to you.

Those who have been romantically involved with you, like your exes, may contact you again out of nowhere and tell you how they miss you. They will recall your fond memories together and express their desire to meet up with you. Some of them may feel very emotional and express their longing for you.

Some may even tell you they can’t get you out of their minds and that they’ve been thinking about you lately. They may also honestly tell you that they feel intense sexual attraction for you, and they can’t resist it.

If they are near you, they might ask you to meet up with them.

If you are around them, it is most likely that they won’t be able to control themselves and will be particularly aroused by your presence. They won’t be able to stay still and will try to flirt with you. They will breathe heavily, brush their hair, lean towards you, brush your arms, put their hand on your leg, and look at you intensely in the eyes.

Others will try to convince you to sleep with them or kiss you right then and there. They will literally act on their desire and think it is totally okay with you.

Strangers will also find you sexually attractive. People will be drawn to your sexual energy like a moth to a lamp, and they won’t be able to explain their sexual arousal when around you. They will be aroused in a way that they won’t be able to control.

Will Your Special Person Attribute the Feeling of Arousal to You?

Yes, especially when you INTENDED your remote seduction for your special person. 

The more focused and prolonged your intention is for your special person, the stronger they will feel the effects and attribute the feelings TO YOU. 

With FOCUSED AWARENESS, your special person will always associate the intense feelings of arousal to you and not to anyone else. Their subconscious will only identify you as the source, and they will only think and dream about you. 

If they are with someone else and they developed sexual feelings for you because of your remote seduction, they will lose interest in their current partner. 

It helps if you can imagine them leaving their partner and choosing you instead. This will make them turn sour and eventually leave their partner for good.

It is important to monitor the changes in the behavior of your special person towards you. Write down notes as often as you can, especially when you always see and meet them.

Don’t flirt with them so that you won’t affect their behavior towards you. Just be friendly and act normal when they are around. This way, they will not build walls of resistance around them. 

Become interested in what they do: ask them about their work, their projects, their passions, and their interests. It is a great way to break down their walls, and this will provide a clear and sure path to make your remote seduction more effective and productive. 

Notice the trend in the behavior of your special person. Watch how they change the way they talk to you. 

Sometimes the signs may die down, but that doesn’t mean they are not attracted or interested in you. They just try so hard to resist the new feelings that they feel towards you. 

If you don’t see the changes in your special person’s behavior right away, that doesn’t mean remote seduction is not effective. This only means your special person has so much self-control to resist his sexual urges for you. Still, you can lower down their defenses if you become faithful to the practice. 

With constant everyday practice and insistence, your special person will eventually give in and will be very attracted to you so profoundly. 

Is Remote Seduction Ethical?

Remote seduction is one of the most controversial applications of mental influence. Those who are interested in this topic cannot help but wonder if it is ethical to perform or not. 

We live in a universe that’s governed by universal laws and one of these laws is the law of mentalism, which states that ALL is mind and the universe is mental. 

If we live in a mental universe and everything is mind, then we can effectively navigate through it using our mind. This means our thoughts and imagination can influence everything and everyone around us. 

If we want our experiences to change, we need first to imagine the change the changes in our minds. 

Since we can affect anyone or anything that we think of with focused attention, we can influence anything or anyone at any given time, whether we like it or not. As long as we can think and focus our thinking, we can influence anything. 

In other words, we perform mental influence all the time, and we can influence anyone at any given time. This is true even though we are not aware of this inherent ability in us.  

When you think about someone, wish something good for them in your mind, or pray for them, you mentally influence that person. Giving that person your focused attention will have an effect on them.

The usual effect is that person will think about you, too, that’s why it is common for someone we think of to call or send us a message all of a sudden. That’s because they suddenly received our mental influence.

When we think of someone out of the blue, that person will think about us, too! Our out-of-the-blue thoughts are actually thought impressions that they formed in their minds using focused attention.

Mental influence is a continuous process that happens all the time. There is no way to run away or hide from it. 

You can’t stop influencing anyone. You also can’t just tell someone to stop influencing you. It’s not possible. Anyone capable of thinking can influence anything and anyone. They can even influence something from a distance by merely focusing attention on that thing. 

Remote seduction happens in this way. Sometimes people are not even aware they are remotely seducing another person. They meet someone they like and start to admire that person in their mind. What happens is that the person picks up their thought forms and vibrations and end up liking them in return. This can also be classified as remote seduction. However, it is less potent due to the lack of focus on the subject and the lack of conscious awareness to mentally influence that person. 

Remote seduction as a mental influence technique is the more conscious and deliberate process of influencing another person sexually. It comes with the certainty that the target person will be sexually attracted to the influencer in the end. 

In terms of morality, our position is remote seduction is fundamentally NOT IMMORAL for the following reasons: 

  • Everyone has done it at some point in their lives, whether consciously or unconsciously.
  • Mental influence is a continuous process and can never be avoided. We influence one another all the time. 
  • It is the law of mentalism in action. This law is absolute and cannot be transcended.
  • There is no physical force involved when you use thoughts and feelings to influence another person. It only becomes immoral and illegal when physical force and coercion is involved.
  • You are not doing anything against the will of another person. Affecting that person on a mental level is something that happens all the time. Even without intention, we can still influence that person. That’s because we live in a mental universe.
  • You are just MORE conscious of your thoughts; that’s why you can easily influence another person. 
  • The person becomes attracted to you physically, emotionally, and sexually because that is the natural effect of your sexual thoughts about them. 

How to Be Good at Remote Seduction

Remote seduction can be powerful and potent, and it starts to take effect immediately. 

The effectiveness and potency of remote seduction depend solely on you. We may provide the best remote seduction techniques for you to follow but if you can’t properly utilize your mind power, your results will be slow and inaccurate. 

If you want to see the effects of your remote seduction immediately and accurately, you must develop the following:

  • strong ability to focus your mind. Since focused attention on a subject can change it, you should practice focusing your thoughts on certain mental scenarios that you want to happen in real life. It is recommended to focus on one mental image for AT LEAST 30 seconds at any given time.
  • Create clear and vivid mental images of what you want to happen between you and your special person. Your mental images should be clear enough for you to see what your life would be like with your special person. You cannot achieve this overnight, so you need to hone your imagination. Clear and vivid mental images will manifest your desire faster than blurry mental images. 
  • Use feelings to give substance to your mental images. It would be best if you accompanied your imagination with the right emotions. Whatever you want your special person to feel, you must feel it in your scenario.
  • Imagine as if it is happening in real life. It’s not enough to imagine and feel your mental images and imaginal acts. Think and feel as if your mental images and imaginal acts are happening in real life RIGHT NOW.
  • Do it with patience and dedication. As you do your sessions daily with patience, your ability to influence will get quicker and more intense. Eventually, you’d be able to solicit a reaction from your target person in real-time.

There is no need to hurry to be an expert in remote seduction. Like any skills that you want to develop and be good at, it takes time, practice, and patience to master and generate real-time reactions from another person. 

Your ability to create manifestations in real-time depends on how much time and practice you devote to this mental influence technique. 

You cannot take a short cut to become good unless you have been meditating for years and have enormous control over your mind. Otherwise, it is essential to practice daily and develop the skills mentioned above. 

With everyday practice, you will get better and better each day. In two to three months, you will be so good at this that you’ll be able to command anyone to yield to your mental influence almost in real-time. 

Steps to Perform Remote Seduction

Now, it’s time to perform the remote seduction technique!

As a beginner, you need to establish your daily routine to make sure you’ll have successful results! 

This is the routine I recommend to ensure your remote seduction success. This routine has ALL the elements of successful conscious creation and manifestation of your desire. 

There are no set rules as to the time of practice or the duration of the session. 

Ideally, you perform the remote seduction technique AT LEAST two sessions every day: one in the morning and another in the afternoon or at night. 

The recommended duration per session is 15 to 30 minutes. 

If you want to do more than two sessions a day or perform a session longer than 30 minutes, that is even better. In fact, I highly encourage it because the more sessions you do and the longer the duration, the faster you will see the results.  

This remote seduction technique is effective at any time of day or night, but if you want to penetrate the subconscious mind of your special person faster and easier, you should have your session when your special person is asleep. When they are asleep, their conscious mind also sleeps but their subconscious mind is fully awake. 

When their subconscious mind is awake and their conscious mind is asleep, it is easier for their subconscious to absorb your mental images and suggestions. This is how you can store your mental influence in their subconscious and this is how you can create changes in their behavior.

STEP 1: Calm your mind

It is crucial that you start your remote seduction session with calming your mind. 

You can calm your mind as you sit or lie down. 

You need to bring your mind into a relaxed or meditative state so that your conscious mind will lower down its defenses. You can reach this state sooner if you focus on your breathing as you empty your mind of wandering thoughts. 

It is up to you to determine whether or not you have already calmed your mind. You will know you are already in a relaxed state of mind when you feel totally comfortable and at peace with yourself as if you don’t have any care in the world. That’s when you can say you have already entered the alpha state of mind which is conducive to communicating with the subconscious mind of your special person. 

It is in the alpha state that your brainwaves become in-sync with the frequency of the earth. This state facilitates resonance between your mind and your physical reality. 

As you progress in your practice, you will also get better and better at calming your mind. 

There is no need to obsess about how relaxed you are. Don’t worry about how comfortable you are or whether you are doing the methods correctly. Just do the work, and the skill and technicalities will improve and become refined over time. 

STEP 2: Visualize your special person

Once you have already relaxed your body and mind, it is now time to visualize your special person clearly in your mind’s eye. 

Look at your special person’s face in your imagination. If you are not a visual person, that’s fine. Just do your best to “know” that you are looking at your special person’s face. 

Create an imaginal place in your mind. This place can be something that you made up on your own or something that exists in real life, like your favorite restaurant, a coffee shop, or the beach. It doesn’t matter which place you pick as long as you like it and can envision yourself meeting your special person there. 

Now, feel as if you were actually in that place with your special person. Notice everything around you, hear the sounds or music, feel the ambiance. Imagine your special person there in your special place with you, as if everything is real and happening right now. 

Then, visualize your special person calling you by your first name. Visualize yourself calling them by their first name. Imagine the look on their face and imagine their reaction. 

Then, visualize what you want them to say to you in real life. You can hear them say, “I like you” or “I adore you” or “I only want you, I don’t want to be with anyone else.” 

Basically, whatever you want them to say in real life, hear them say it to you in your imagination! 

Imagine them say it and imagine how they say it. Feel their emotions as they say those words. Feel your feelings as you hear those words! Feel the happiness of hearing what you want to hear. Feel the joy, and know that you will be together soon! 

STEP 3: Mental touch

As mentioned earlier, the most important part of your remote seduction visualization is the mental touch. This is when you reach out to your special person and touch their face, lips, chest, arms, stomach, penis, or pussy… whatever you want to touch. 

In remote seduction, you must touch your special person in a sexy or erotic way.

Now, notice their reaction to your touch. Do they like it? Do they feel aroused? Do they want you to continue doing it? Does their breathing become quicker? 

You can focus on one area of your special person’s body and mentally touch or caress it in a sexual way. Keep your touches gentle and erotic and not fast and aggressive. 

Focus on the erogenous areas of their body such as their nipples or their genital area. As you touch their tender spots and the erogenous zones, imagine their reaction as if they were actually there in front of you. 

If you are remotely seducing a guy, imagine them having a hard-on. If it’s a woman, imagine feeling their wetness in between their legs.

Hear them moan, feel them getting more aroused as you continue to caress them. Then, drive them into a sexual frenzy. Imagine as if everything is happening right now. 

STEP 4: Create your ideal scenario

The next step is to establish physical contact with your special person in your mind.

Imagine touching their face, holding their hand, or caressing their hair. Imagine their reaction when you do this. Imagine they feel positive about it. Imagine they know it’s you who touch them.

Touching them physically establishes a strong connection with their subconscious mind. Know that, whenever you physically touch them in your mind, you are in contact in real-time, and whatever you imagine will also be in their mind at the same time.

Use all your senses when you interact with them: see their smile, hear their sweet laugh, kiss their lips, feel the softness of their skin, smell their perfume. Make your imagination as real as possible.

Know that they think of you right now. Know that they strongly feel your presence. Know that they can’t understand why they are developing strong feelings for you. Know that they can’t get you out of their mind.

You can take your interaction to the next level by mentally seducing them. How you would flirt and seduce someone in real life will be how you should flirt and seduce them mentally.

Touch them in areas that will sexually arouse them. Whisper words that turn them on. Caress their hair, their face, down to their chest, and to their private areas.

Tell them how much you want them and how you want them now. Imagine your breathing getting quicker or heavier, imagine their breathing getting quicker as well. 

Feel the tension in the air. Imagine how aroused they feel right now. You can see it in their eyes — in how they look at you.

Your sexual energy is undeniable, and they feel helpless around you.

If you’ve been intimate with them before, you know what turns them on. Do whatever turns them on now. You know what they like… and you know what makes them unable to resist you. Do it now and imagine them going crazy with desire for you.

Feel their hardness or their wetness in-between their legs. Slowly undress them as they stand there in front of you. Look at him with desire on your face. Imagine them wanting you and only you.

Begin to kiss their lips, however you want to kiss them. Touch them all over their body. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Whatever you want to do with them in real life, you can do so in your imagination.

Then, go down and caress their private parts. If you particularly enjoy it and you know they love it, too, give them oral sex. Imagine how much they love you “going down on them”. 

Hear them moan. See the expression of desire and lust on their face. Feel their body shake. 

Listen to them say your name and how much they want you.

If you want them to develop loving feelings towards you, hear them say how much they love and adore you. Hear them say how much they need to be with you. They are crazy about you and hear them say they can’t live without you.

It is important to infuse powerful feelings in the scenes that you imagine. You need to have passion and intensity when performing remote seduction so your subject can feel the same passion and intensity also. 

If you want them to feel specific feelings, imagine them say what they feel. Imagine how they feel excited, hear them say you excite them.

At this point in time, they certainly feel sexually aroused. It doesn’t matter what they are doing or where they are. If they are in a business meeting, they won’t be able to concentrate and will keep thinking of you.

As they think about you, they will feel uncontrollably aroused. They will have a hard-on or they will feel some wetness. They won’t be able to control the feeling of wanting to have sex with you.

If they don’t know you, they will still feel aroused but won’t understand why. They will try to look around or search the room for the source of the arousal. If you are among the crowd of the people in the room, they will immediately identify you based on what they feel. Their subconscious mind knows exactly who you are.

Step 5: Let Them Go

After you have performed remote seduction, it’s time to let go of your special person. 

Before you let go of them, say some affirmations that represent your desire in its present state.

Here are some examples:

I am happy that we are now together in a great relationship

I love the way you want me

I love the way you desire me

I know you love me

I know you can’t live without me

I know you only want me and only me

To plant these affirmations in their subconscious mind, hear them respond to you with words that you want to hear from them. 

When they respond, imagine them say the words to you with feelings.

I am happy that we are together in a great relationship.

I love you

I want you

I desire you

I can’t live without you

I want you and only you

How to Speed Up the Process

If you want to speed up your manifestation, there is an effortless and faster way to store new beliefs in your subconscious mind, and that is by listening to subliminal audio programs. 

Subliminal audio programs contain messages related to remotely seducing your special person. Subliminal messages are signals below the absolute threshold level (ATL) of your conscious awareness. If it is below conscious awareness, the conscious mind will not be able to perceive and filter out the messages. The conscious mind will not be able to block them.

In other words, subliminal messages completely bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly with your subconscious mind.

When your subconscious mind stored these messages or suggestions, it will execute these messages in your reality for you to experience.

What will happen is you and your special person will manifest all the suggestions contained in the subliminal.

We recommend that you listen to a subliminal of your choice when you don’t actively visualize. Subliminals will plant positive and empowering messages about your special person and how they are attracted and crazy about you. This will make your remote seduction even more potent. 

You can listen to subliminals when you go for a walk, run errands, clean the house, or while you work. You can play it in the background and listen using your earphones.

What to Do in Case of Resistance

Although your special person will receive your mental influence and develop strong sexual feelings for you, it doesn’t mean they will leave their lives, run to you immediately, and tell you how much they desire and want you.

If they are in a complicated situation like they are in a relationship or are married, they will naturally resist the temptation to come to you or show you any outward manifestations that they like or desire you. They won’t just leave their partner or spouse just because you arouse them. Of course they will wonder about the feelings and fantasize about you in secret, but it is not necessary for them to act on their fantasy. In their mind, they are not supposed to feel that way towards someone but they couldn’t help it! 

So, don’t panic when this happens because this doesn’t mean they are not affected or have not developed sexual feelings for you. It’s just that they are trying to think of the consequences in case they act on what they feel.

If they are not in a relationship, maybe they are fearful of the sudden change in their feelings and try to suppress it. 

Another reason is sexual repression, where they are culturally and morally prevented from expressing their sexuality. Sexually-repressed people feel guilty and ashamed when expressing their sexuality, so it is a challenge for them to open up about it.

You will notice your special person is trying hard to resist what they feel for you when they move away from you instead of towards you.

When this happens, you can do two things: you can give up altogether or INSIST on your remote seduction until they give in to what they feel.

If you decide to insist on what you want, you need to stop your remote seduction sessions for a few days or for a few weeks. Remote seduction is like a shock to them that they are taken aback by the sudden surge of powerful sexual energy that came out of nowhere.

When you stop the session for a while, they will lower down their defenses and won’t actively resist anymore. 

It is important to be gentle when you restart the session so they will not resist. 

You may also tone down on the sexual images that you play in your mind and focus your thoughts more on friendship, love, laughing together, and being close. 

Once you have developed a closeness with your special person, that’s when you can re-introduce your sexual images and gradually increase the intensity and force. 

When Will You See the Results?

It takes AT LEAST 21 days to develop a habit or create change in one’s life.

We recommend that you perform the daily routine everyday for AT LEAST 21 days. If you don’t see results in 21 days, you need to make sure you have focused thoughts and positive energy because these are what create and give substance to your desire.

If you see results before the 21 days are over, continue doing your routine until you have fully manifested your desire. Sometimes, some people get distracted when they see some positive changes and discontinue the routine. They get so excited and stop their routine. This is not good.

These changes are just signs that what you want will soon be yours and should serve as a source of encouragement. Keep going to make your conscious creation potent and powerful until you reach your end goal.

7-DAY RS Guide Feedback From Users

Here are some feedback that we received from our audience and users. If you have positive results from using the techniques in this guide, drop us the chat button on the lower right part of this page and you will receive a 20% DISCOUNT on your chosen product from our website.

OMG, Marie!  This totally works! We do create everything though our minds! I used your RS guided telepathy and the session felt so real! I felt connected to my ex. I am pretty sure he felt my RS because he started to like my Facebook and Instagram posts. Then he messaged on IG to ask how I’m doing! Now I need to make sure our communication is constant! I can’t wait for what’s to come! 

Jada, via email

I bought your BUNDLE RS for Men and these telepathies are amazing! They helped my mind to focus. I was able to visualize the scenarios clearly. The RS scenes are so detailed I almost got carried away during the sessions and I also feel closer to my SP after just two days of sessions. Anyway, I wrote to you to let you know that my SP messaged me out of nowhere with: “Thinking of you makes me horny”.… is this because of RS? He doesn’t usually say this so I was really shocked! I didn’t know mental influence is real!

Verna, via email

This is so amazing! I knew RS is effective because I have done it before. Your RS guided telepathies have amazing effects on my SP. We had been ignoring me for days and just sent one-word replies but after two days of listening to subliminals and guided telepathies, he flirted with me on WhatsApp and he even requested to do video calls with me! The last time he was like this was three months ago!

Lisa, via email

Remotely Seduce Your Special Woman

(A 7-day Guide)

You can do the sessions at any time of the day. If you want to do more sessions, it is even better.

DAY 1: Introduce sexual and romantic feelings to your special woman

DAY 2: Continue introducing sexual feelings AND romantic feelings to your special woman

DAY 3: Continue making your special woman develop sexual feelings for you and, at the same time, intensify her romantic feelings for you

DAY 4: Continue making your special woman develop sexual feelings for you and make her think she is in-love with you

DAY 5: Continue making your special woman develop sexual feelings for you and make her think she is in-love with you

  • Do two sessions of Guided Telepathy: Sexually Seduce and Make Her Fall In-Love With You
  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Make Your Special Person Fall In-Love With You
  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Create Love Between You and Your Loved One
  • Listen to Subliminal: Make Her Horny For You twice a day

DAY 6: Continue making your special woman develop sexual and romantic feelings for you and make her think she wants to be in a relationship with you

  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Sexually Seduce and Make Her Fall In-Love With You
  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Make Your Special Person Fall In-Love With You
  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Create Love Between You and Your Loved One
  • Do one session of Make Your Special Person Commit To You In a Relationship
  • Listen to any of the subliminals previously mentioned. Listen twice a day.

 DAY 7: Continue making your special person fall in-love with you AND commit in a relationship with you

  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Make Your Special Person Fall In-Love With You
  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Create Love Between You and Your Loved One
  • Do two sessions of Make Your Special Person Commit To You In a Relationship
  • Listen to any of the subliminals previously mentioned. Listen twice a day.

After day 7, you are free to find the right combination of guided telepathy and subliminal for you based on the goal you want to achieve. Continue this process until you get your desired results.

Remotely Seduce Your Special Man

(A 7-day Guide)

You can do the sessions at any time of the day. If you want to do more sessions, it is even better.

DAY 1: Introduce sexual feelings to your special guy

DAY 2: Continue introducing sexual feelings AND romantic feelings to your special guy

DAY 3: Continue making your special guy develop sexual feelings for you and, at the same time, intensify his romantic feelings for you

DAY 4: Continue making your special guy develop sexual feelings for you and make him think he is in-love with you

DAY 5: Continue making your special guy develop sexual feelings for you and make him think he is in-love with you

  • Do two sessions of Guided Telepathy: Sexually Seduce and Make Him Fall In-Love With You
  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Make Your Special Person Fall In-Love With You
  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Create Love Between You and Your Loved One
  • Listen to Subliminal: Make Him Horny For You

DAY 6: Continue making your special guy develop sexual and romantic feelings for you and make him think he wants to be in a relationship with you

  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Sexually Seduce and Make Him Fall In-Love With You
  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Make Your Special Person Fall In-Love With You
  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Create Love Between You and Your Loved One
  • Do one session of Make Your Special Person Commit To You In a Relationship
  • Listen to any of the subliminals mentioned in the last six days. Listen twice a day.

DAY 7: Continue making your special person fall in-love with you AND commit in a relationship with you

  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Make Your Special Person Fall In-Love With You
  • Do one session of Guided Telepathy: Create Love Between You and Your Loved One
  • Do two sessions of Make Your Special Person Commit To You In a Relationship
  • Listen to any of the subliminals mentioned in the last five days. Listen twice a day.

After day 7, you are free to find the right combination of guided telepathy and subliminal for you based on the goal you want to achieve. Continue this process until you get your desired results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mental influence is based on the universal law of Mentalism, which states that everything is mind and the universe we live in is a mental universe. Based on this premise, we can effectively and effortlessly navigate through this universe using our mind. 

What we think, we create. We create our reality through our thoughts. What we focus on mentally will eventually manifest physically. 

In fact, we create our reality 24/7, but most of these creations come from the unconscious use of our thoughts. 

Mental Influence is the conscious use of our thoughts using mental focus and visualization to create our desired reality or to deliberately affect someone remotely.

So, yes, mental influence is effective. It is the conscious application of the universal law of Mentalism. 

You can apply mental influence in all aspects of your life.

You can use it to effectively influence yourself by changing your false and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you in life.

You can use it to improve or heal your relationships, generate loyalty and encourage camaraderie in business and workplace, influence others to like you and believe in you; send others healing thoughts and energy, and even forgive those who wronged you.

You can leverage mental influence to influence a crowd, which is useful in business, fighting for a cause, pushing for your advocacy, and politics. 

You can also use mental influence to get your desired material things, achieve your goals and desires, experience your ideal outcome, change a situation, influence a future event, and even revise your past. 

There are so many applications of mental influence. Any thing, event, person, circumstances that you can think of, you can influence using your focused mind power. 

Subliminal messages are suggestions and affirmations that are below the threshold of the conscious mind which means below the threshold of conscious perception.

A subliminal audio program is a recording that contains relaxing music or nature sounds and subliminal messages. These subliminal messages are suggestions and affirmations that will replace your fears, phobia, traumas, and negative stored beliefs in your subconscious.

Subliminals are some of the most effective ways to influence yourself and reprogram your subconscious mind.

Your stored beliefs in your subconscious mind are what get executed in your reality for you to experience. If you subconsciously believe that you cannot influence yourself, another person, thing, or event, you will not be able to make changes to yourself and your circumstances. 

The false and limiting beliefs in your subconscious are what prevent you from becoming your best self and living your best life. If these beliefs are no longer serving you, you can replace them with positive and empowering ones by listening to subliminal audio programs and by applying other techniques. 

Mind Power Influence and its affiliate, Must Spark Joy, has the best subliminal formula in the market. Our formula has gone through different iterations in the last three years until we arrived at the optimum blend of suggestions, affirmations, brainwaves, frequencies, and meditative overlay music and sounds that entrain the mind.